Frequenly asked questons

What Are My Enrollment Options?

 DAA offers enrollment through PayPal or Stripe.  If you need other options please feel free to contact us.

Are DAA Classes Online?

 Yes, our classes are online giving you the opportunity to access them any time day or night from the comfort of your home.  

Can I Download My Lessons?

Yes! Students can download their course content. 

Does DAA Offer Streaming Videos?

Yes, students can stream their course videos online! or if you prefer you can save them to your computer.

What Is Painter Club?

Painter Club is a six month course which includes a new lesson each month. Students can join anytime and jump in! Students can work at their own pace and there is never any rush to finish a lesson. Your Instructor is there for you all the time to answer your questions. 

Your enrollment fee is a one time fee which includes six months of lessons. 

What Is Ruzuku?

Ruzuku is a Learning Management platform where we offer our courses. Our courses are published on Ruzuku where students can engage with their instructor and fellow students.